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International Conference on Solidarity, Defense and Struggle for Freedom of Political Prisoners of the World. From October 22. to October 24. 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Solidarity, defense and struggle for the freedom of political prisoners of the world is not possible without creating a collaboration against the international governing world system (world capitalism) based on exploitation, repression, imprisonment, torture and execution.

The phenomenon “political prisoners” is a part of class struggle. In order to defend its privileges the ruling class – the capitalists – uses this tool to continue suppressing the freedom fighters of the world.

Political prisoners in Palestine, the Basque Country, Turkey, Colombia, Peru, Italy, Mexico, North America, Russia, Germany, Iran and in other countries live under severe and inhumane conditions. In prisons all over the world different types of torture are implemented systematically – isolation, cable lashes, drowning, electric shocks, rape and other forms etc.

Until now, there have been many joint efforts and international solidarity actions to defend political prisoners and freedom fighters, for example the International Conference in Berlin, Germany in April 1999, and in San Sebastian, the Basque Country in 2004.

In order to sustain and successfully follow up on these efforts, we as freedomfighters and former political prisoners from various countries are once again preparing an International Solidarity Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark to defend and fight for the freedom of political prisoners of the world. One of the major topics at the conference is to discuss how to organize independent Tribunals at national and international level.

So far, diverse countries as Euskal Herria, Iran, Turkey, Colombia, Palestine, Mexico and Denmark have taken part in discussions towards the organization of this conference.

We call on organizations around the world working for the liberation of political prisoners to join this initiative and participate in the International Conference, with their experiences of solidarity, defense and struggle for freedom of the political prisoners in your world.

The conference has five political themes:

1. The conditions of political prisoners all over the world

2. Administrative detention

3. Terror lists / Blacklisting

4. Class, ’Race’ and Gender

5. Tribunals

It is intended to form workshops on these five themes. You can sign up your workshop as soon as possible at: info@internationaltforum.dk or mario@internationaltforum.dk

Revolutionary greetings!

Long live international solidarity!


By the Preparation Committee of the International Conference on Solidarity, Defense and Struggle for Freedom of Political Prisoners of the World.


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